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our services

construction work

We undertake construction contract with material

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JPC Homes For Sale

We very precisely choose the perfect house location

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map designing

JPC is totally concerned about the clients dream construction

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3D elevation designing

See your house before it gets constructed

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We redesign your old house using 3d elevation

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why we?


Experienced & dedicated team of engineers

All things at one place

All the things at one place – Designing Map, 3D Elevation & Construction work. What else can be better when the person who designed the map, works on it at site

We understand your feelings

We are sensitive towards your feelings. We understand very well that for you it’s your home which we are constructing, we always use best materials & perfect cement sand ratio

Site updates

We provide everyday site updates via WhatsApp and e-mail. So you can have a peace of mind, no matter whether you are in a town or not

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