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JPC (Jagdamba Prem Constructions Pvt. Ltd.) provides Planning, Construction services and newly constructed Houses for sale in Udaipur. JPC is well known brand which believes in quality work & customer satisfaction. We undertake construction contracts with material for houses & bungalows. Our expertise team of Engineers & experienced workers, who construct in a much planned manner, keeps a keen eye on all the minute and technical details such as markings, angles, proper cement ratio, curing, brick quality, etc. JPC is a rising brand name of commendable repute in construction services in Udaipur. We also provide daily work updates to our clients via WhatsApp or e-mail. At JPC, quality & customer satisfaction is promised.

Why people choose us:

  • We deliver what we promise:

    Before starting any project, we provide our clients a written & our signed document of all the things which we have promised verbally. So in that way, we keep things clear between clients and us. And at end, this makes us legally bound to deliver all the things which we have promised. We do this because we want our clients to feel secured & tension free.

  • Quality:

    If you will visit any of our construction site, you will hear our engineers saying this to our labours “ Cement jada dal jaye chalega, Kam nahi dalna chaiye” . We have a broad mentality of delivering promised quality and we don’t believe in saving money by compromising with our quality. We believe, if we deliver you quality, you will be connected with us for lifetime.

  • Innovative & Accuracy:

    JPC is run by the team of passionate engineers who provide the latest, modern and updated design to the house. Before starting any project, we complete it’s planning work which includes its Map, 3-D Elevation & all other elements. Just to bring more accuracy.

  • Easy Communication:

    We provide everyday site updates via WhatsApp or e-mail. So you can have a peace of mind, no matter whether you are in a town or not.

  • All things at one place:

    All the things at one place – Designing Map, 3D Elevation & Construction work. What else can be better when the person who designed the map, works on it at site.

  • We understand your feelings:

    We are sensitive towards your feelings. We understand very well that for you it’s your home which we are constructing, we always use best materials & perfect cement sand ratio.

  • Time:

    We have a good history of delivering / completing all our projects within our given time line whether it’s “construction project” or advanced booked JPC house for sale.

Thank you for giving your valuable time in knowing about us. We would be happy so serve you with our services.

Contact Details: Number:  +91-8233707448 , +91-7062772277



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